You are currently viewing Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great!

Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great!

Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great!

Do you need Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great?. If so, then this blog is only written for you. In this blog you will find Android apps that are Amazingly great!. So read this full blog. Below is a list of the apps and the good aspects of the apps are presented:

  • Snapseed
  • Firefox Focus
  • MyRadar
  • Fing
  • Haystack TV
  • Photomath
  • Omlet Arcade
  • Shush
  • SideChef

1. Snapseed

Snapseed developed by google is a photo editor with 29 tools and filters. After you’ve opened Snapseed and selected your photo you’ll have tons of options. You may find it best to tilt your phone into landscape mode. For editing select the Edit icon to get started. Now you’ll see a bunch of tools including crop, perspective, vignette, text and others and below tools. There are ton of filters that you can play with. You can play around with the different settings to find the one that’s right for you. I kind of like the default one number one. So I’ll save that when done select the checkmark in the lower right hand corner. If you select the download icon you have the option to share save along with export options and if you’re not happy with your changes you can select the undo icon. There is no cost to you Snapseed and it’s one of the easier to use photo editors in the Play Store.

Install Snapseed App From Google Play Store

2. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus from Mozilla the same company that makes the Firefox browser. If you’re into privacy, Firefox focus automatically blocks a large number of online trackers and ads. When you open the browser you’re greeted with minimalistic looking screen. At the top you can do a search or enter a URL when you’re done with your session you can select the trashcan in the lower right. Which will erase cookies, passwords and search history then it’ll automatically take you back to the home screen. The default search engine is Yahoo. To change that select the menu icon in the upper right then select settings and you do have the options for Google among others. If you’re looking for a browser with more privacy features Firefox focus may be the browser for you.

Install Firefox Focus App From Google Play Store


Which is an easy to use weather app that does a great job of displaying the weather around you. When the app opens it first shows the radar map which has pinch and zoom capability just like Google Maps. If you swipe down from the top of the display you can get additional weather information for your location. You can also set it up to receive severe storm warnings along with hurricane tracking information. MyRADAR is free and ad supported. They also have a separate app that gets rid of the ads for just a buck 99.

Install MyRADAR Tracker App From Google Play Store

4. Fing

Fing is another great tool for those of you out there that are OCD networking junkies like me. It comes with more than a dozen free Network. Tools including a Wi-Fi scanner port scanner DNS lookup and service monitoring.

Install Fing - Network Tools App From Google Play Store

5. Haystack TV

Haystack TV is a video app focused on bringing the latest headlines from many of the world’s top news organizations. Along the top you’ll see several categories which you can customize to manage your favorites. Select the menu icon in the upper left corner then select manage favorites. You have the option to add any of the topics listed below or you could add people sources and topics in the search bar. haystack TV which is free but does contain ads.

Install Haystack News Local & World TV News - Free App From Google Play Store

6. Photomath

Photomath is one of the coolest math apps in the Play Store. Which uses the camera on your phone to solve math problems .When you open up the app the primary tabs at the top are edit. Where you can type in a math problem but the tab you’ll wanna use is the camera tab to the right. The camera will recognize print from a textbook and it has really good handwriting recognition. Just point your camera at a problem then to see the step-by-step instructions just tap the red bar at the bottom. Photomath is free with in-app purchases. So far I’ve not found any extra cost to use this app so if you’re a student taking math courses you should check out photomath.

Install Photomath App From Google Play Store

7. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is an easy way to record or livestream your favorite mobile games. It’s easy enough to use to stream directly to Facebook, YouTube and even twitch. Select go live to just record a game session. Select record and to check out other live streams. That are currently going on right below record select view more if you’d like sharing game footage from your device check out omlet arcade.

Install Omlet Arcade - Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games App From Google Play Store

8. Shush

Shush is a great app for those of you that forget to turn the ringer on your phone back on. After a meeting movie nap or any other purpose where you would need to silence your phone. It couldn’t be any easier to use it’s activated when you silence your ringer. Then just select the amount of time you’ll have to bring it or turn back on and you can also adjust the volume of the ringer. When it’s restored and when you’re done tap on shush. shush is a simple app that is completely free to use.

Install Shush - Auto Silent App From Google Play Store

9. SideChef

Which is for you cooks out there even if you don’t know how to cook this app is designed for novices. When you open the app on their home page there are articles along with popular recipes. Other options along the taskbar at the bottom include search where you can view several popular categories or do an individual search articles and they also include a meal planner to help you create a shopping list. Go back to the home page where the app really shines is when preparing and cooking your recipe. So you’ll just scroll down here and find something that looks interesting. Example: select a recipes right above start cooking. Near the bottom you’ll see a small triangle. If you swipe up from there you can see additional information including ingredients. To get started select start cooking at the bottom. It does come with voice direction as well whenever you’ve completed a step. Just tap on the checkmark to go to the next step. Sidechef is free and it just might help you to make some crazy good food that concludes this list.

Install SideChef Recipes, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists App From Google Play Store

Hopefully after reading the above discussion you have been able to find the Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great.

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