You are currently viewing Best Android Mods That Improve Your Device!

Best Android Mods That Improve Your Device!

Best Android Mods That Improve Your Device

Are you searching for the Best Android Mods That Improve Your Device? If so, then this blog will help you to improve your Devices. There are a lot of mods for Android that you can use to enhance the performance of your smartphone or tablet. So below is a list of the apps and discussion of how these apps can help you. Please read the full blog to know the app details:

  • Hibernation Manager
  • Rocker Locker
  • Snip-it
  • Pixbars
  • Muviz

1. Hibernation Manager

Hibernation Manager which lets you decide which apps and settings that you want to hibernate when your screen is turned off to save your battery doing this lets your phone battery last longer in between charges. How it works? when you open the app you’ll see several settings. First one CPU hibernation is only for rooted users so unless your device is rooted it won’t work for you. When CPU hibernation is turned on it will automatically set your CPU to the lowest possible frequency and voltage. Below that is settings hibernation which will automatically disable whichever you select when your screen is off. Right now only select bluetooth and below that is applications hibernation this will turn off the apps that you select when your screen turns off. Select a few apps when you’re done making your selections. Just select the on/off button in the lower right corner and your settings will be set and you’ll only need to come back to this app when you need to make changes. Hibernation manager is free to be able to use the CPU hibernation option. The cost is two dollars and 19 cents.

Install Hibernation Manager App From Google Play Store

2. Rocker Locker

Rocker Locker is one of my favourite mods.this app will lock the volume rocker on the side of your phone. So it only controls the media volume on the flip side this app makes it so you don’t accidentally change your ringer volume too. After installing all you have to do is open the app and then select enable. then just forget about it. Rocker Locker is completely free.

Install Rocker Locker App From Google Play Store

3. Snip-it

Snip-it is a tool that it enhances the ability to take a screenshot on your phone or tablet. There is no need for using special button combos. You can crop before saving and there are no ads like the other Android screenshot apps. How it works? open the app and turn the snippet status to on. You’ll get pop-up window. Select start now you can also tick to not show it again. Then just go where you need to go. To take a screenshot cap the snippet icon then just select the area of the screen that you want to be captured. When done tap the crop in the upper right hand corner and the screenshot will be saved to your phone. Snippet is completely free.

Install Snip-it App From Google Play Store

4. Pixbars

Pixbars is a status bar indicator mod. That displays a thin line at the top of the screen that will show your battery percentage , processor, memory and other stuff. There’s also an indicator icon in the taskbar. In the app you can change which indicator you want turned on. You can’t have more than one turned on at a time unless you donate to upgrade to premium.

Install Pixbars Energy Bar App From Google Play Store

5. Muviz

Muviz which is a music visualizer. That shows up on your navigation bar while playing music or audio. When you open the app there are a lot of designs to choose from if you select settings in the upper right corner you have a ton of options. That you can mess with to. Muviz is free with in-app purchases.

Install Muviz – Navbar Music Visualizer App From Google Play Store

I hope these apps will help you to Improve Your Android Devices. So you can use these apps for get a great performance in your smartphone or tablet.

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