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Best Gallery Apps For Android And iOS

Are you searching for the Best Gallery Apps For Android And iOS?. If so, then this blog will help you to find out the Best Gallery Apps. In this blog you will get some information about the Best Gallery Apps For Android And iOS. Which will help you to manage your file properly without any problem. We all know that our default gallery app don’t provide us all the features which should have in gallery app. That’s why we need a good quality gallery app which can provide us all the features. That’s why you should read this blog and after reading this full blog you just need to decide that which Best Gallery Apps you want to use. And after selecting your favourite app simply just download your favorite gallery app and install it in your android or iOS Mobile and then use these apps to manage your gallery. So below is the list and discussion of the Best Gallery Apps For Android And iOS. Please read this full blog to get some Amazing helpful information about the Best Gallery Apps:

  • Slidebox
  • Piktures
  • Simple Gallery
  • A+ Gallery
  • Gallery Vault
  • Google Photos

1. Slidebox

With the Slidebox you can organize your gallery photos with quick gestures scroll through your photos in full screen. And swipe up to delete unwanted photos or pick an album to sort into compare similar duplicate photos and quickly and delete them with a swipe. It’s that easy the Slidebox does not keep copies of your album’s photos. Deleting photos from your Android gallery will make it inaccessible from the Slidebox.

Install Slidebox App From Google Play Store

2. Piktures

Piktures is one of the simpler gallery apps. However that doesn’t mean it has no features. You can sort by various things such as location and you can hide albums if you don’t want people to see them. It works best on larger screens that makes it decent for large phones or tablets. There is also gift support for those who enjoy that. It appears as though chromecast support is on its way as well. It also has gesture based controls that are delightful to use once you get used to them it’s a solid option all around.

Install Piktures App From Google Play Store

Simple Gallery is a highly customizable offline photo gallery app. In addition you get an image and video search support for 32 languages a favorite function for quick access a recycle bin to recover lost photos and plenty of ways to filter your massive collection. There is also a security feature with a fingerprint unlock for added privacy. There was a free version of the app. However only the premium version gets updates now that’s not a big deal because it’s open source and it supports most types of photos and videos.

Install Simple Gallery App From Google Play Store

A+ Gallery is a simple gallery app you can do the usual things like managing your photos create photo albums and share your photos. Along with that it has support for Dropbox, Amazon, Cloud and Facebook that means you can view those photos as well. Additionally it comes with a vault feature where you can keep private images. The design is solid and it’s not difficult to use it combines material design and iOS styles into a single look you can download it for free with an optional pro version available as an in-app purchase. It’s not bad as far as gallery apps go.

Install A+ Gallery App From Google Play Store

Gallery Vault does almost exactly what the name says it does. It creates a private vault for your photos to keep them away from prying eyes. With it you can hide photos, videos and any other type of file that this app supports. You can also hide the icon so no one knows how to access it but you get alerts if someone breaks in and it supports some fingerprint enabled devices. It’s a good option in terms of gallery apps if you want some privacy and you can try out the free version before you buy it.

Install Gallery Vault App From Google Play Store

6. Google Photos

The Google Photos app is a cloud storage app where you can upload as many photos and videos as you want. The only downside is that the images and video will be compressed in Google’s high quality setting. However the app is also capable of seeing your device folders to view any stuff that you haven’t uploaded. This is a great app that most people use anyway but its secondary functionality means that having another gallery app is essentially redundant. If you use Google photos you might as well use it as your gallery app to Google has a super stripped down version of this for lower end devices as well.

Install Google Photos App From Google Play Store

I hope after reading this above full discussion you will able to easily download and install your favourite Best Gallery Apps. So download your favorite Gallery App and then install it in your Android or iOS Mobile and manage your Gallery without any problem.

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