Instagram Try Again Later We Restrict Certain Activity

Instagram Try Again Later We Restrict Certain Activity

Why do you see Instagram try again later we restrict certain activity problem? You can see this problem when you like a post and again dislike post on instagram also when you Comments on same post again and again on instagram. Then you will see this problem. You will also see this problem for many more reasons, such as if you follow a lot of people at once or just follow and unfollow people. this problem is usually resolved within an hour or a day. But in many cases this problem does not go within a day. What should you do if you wait 3/5 days and this problem is not solved?. Don’t worry! in this blog I will teach you how to get rid of this problem. below is a step-by-step guide on how you can solve instagram try again later we restrict certain activity :

How to Fix Try Again Later Error in Instagram?

Step 1 : Take a screenshot of your problem. Taking a screenshot would be a much better direction for you.

Instagram Try Again Later Error

Step 2 : After taking the screenshot, now click on the tell us button Then click on the OK button.

Instagram Try Again Later Tell Us Button

Step 3 : After clicking on the OK button, now go to your profile and find the setting option Then find the security option and click. Then click on Password options.

Instagram Security Option
Instagram Password Option

Step 4 : After clicking on the password option, now click on Forgotten Password and enter a brand new password that you have never used before.

Instagram Forgotten Password Option

Step 5 : Go to setting options again and find help options then click. Then select report a problem then click on report a problem button. Add your screenshot here which is the screenshot you took in the first step (Instagram try again later problem screenshot). Then type your problem here and click on submit button.

Instagram Help Option
Instagram Report A Problem Option
Instagram Submit Button

Step 6 : After submitting your problem now log out your instagram ID and uncheck remember my login info. After log out, uninstall your Instagram app then come back after 24/48 hours and install Instagram app from Google Play Store then try to log in.

Instagram Log Out Button

Hopefully instagram try again later problem will be solved if you follow the steps.

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