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Newspaper WordPress Theme Review: Best And The Fastest WordPress Theme

Newspaper Theme Review- Best And The Fastest WordPress Theme Review

Newspaper WordPress Theme Review :

Newspaper is the #1 best selling News WordPress Theme on the market, with 100,000+ customers and a full Five Star rating based on feedback from more than 6,000 website owners.journalists, vloggers, Bloggers, business professionals, both beginners and advanced users from all over the world rely on Newspaper Theme to create their complete online website.Designed to be simple and easy to use, Newspaper Theme is full of powerful features that help you get started with your website in minutes.So, what makes it a must-have for so many people? Newspaper Theme is the only tool you will need to build a website on WordPress.Users agree that it is extremely useful and allows them to quickly build many different sites.Newspaper Theme is powered by one of the easy-to-use and flexible frontend page builders – tagDiv composer.All the options you will need are carefully planned to give you all the power to make dreams come true.Below i just selected some of the features of Newspaper WordPress Theme. The list can be long, but so are the reasons for buying the Newspaper wordpress theme.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Main Features :

Newspaper WordPress Theme Header Builder :

Getting started with Newspaper Theme 9.5 update has a new way to customize your theme header with Website Manager.customize, Design and explore amazing new option to stand out from the crowd.

Starting with version 10.3, you can create and import multiple footers, customize them, and easily assign them the pages you want and templates.Access the new Website Manager button within the tagDiv Composer frontend page builder for a category, article, page or other template.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS content management system and with the help of WordPress we can build a lot of website on internet.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Practical Review :

newspaper theme is generally used for blogging and article writing purposes.with the help of newspaper it make you very much simpler than you can expect it to be.newspaper theme cost around $59 and it is one of the best-selling themes out there for blogging can see in themeforest it has almost 90,000 sales which is like mind-blowing.for practicall example i am going to download this newspaper theme and upload it on a wordpress website.i will tell you how it works i will buy it from the official website and install it on my WordPress website.then i will tell you how we can figure out all the I will use a local host for this demo blog.if you want to install a theme on your WordPress website first of all you have to go to the left of your WordPress section once you are logged in to your WordPress website.then on the appearance tab once you hover over there you will see the theme option.just click on that theme once you clicked on the theme there will be option to add on the add new default WordPress provide n numbers of free themes.which you can use for your general purposes but there are slight difference between free theme and paid theme.paid themes has way more flexibility and reliability over free themes.paid themes are well customized over Adsense it converts you more CPC and CTR click-through I generally prefer buying a paid now i am going to upload my paid theme on wordpress.for uploading your theme just click on upload theme then click choose a file.then find your newspaper theme and upload your on install and it will will need to activate this theme.once it activated you have to install some plugins.whenever you buy a theme a theme consists of some recommended plugin which you have to install every time.because the functionality of theme depends upon the plugin and if you do not install those recommended plugin the theme won’t work as Per it need to you should install the recommended plug-in which are provided by the newspaper theme.after installed the plugin successfully just look how your WordPress website look right will see it’s looking something like nothing you can say that this website has nothing right have to customize it as per should go to the theme panel of the theme on the left will see the newspaper section then just hover to the theme panel click on theme panel and then you can see there are n numbers of customisation setting that you can do with your theme.there are header, footer settings you can put your ads anywhere in the in the header section in the sidebar section in top of article in between the article in bottom of article anywhere and everywhere anything it’s just once you get approve your can put your ad code anywhere in the theme.there are basically templates also for your headers, footer and archive pages, background color then translation, you can translate your website into a specific language.this newspaper theme provides you almost like 120 plus demo themes that you can install it demo package on your website then you can customize it as per unit.let me tell you how you can install it demo website on your theme.on the left side once you hover inside the newspaper section you will see a menu install on that so you will see like there are like multiple demos for your website whichever category you select is the best for you just click on that and install the demo.right now for this blog practically I will take business demo.after click on business demo let me tell you the preview of business looks something like very good.there is a well customized header and a section which is basically only for you can put your ads code there and you will get some kind of earning with your adsense.and there are some articles, category and weather graph everything is in a well proper manner.i want to tell you this demo is also well optimized for phone view.let me tell you this demo purpose or this whole theme is well optimized for phone.because the mobile view is the most essential thing.because large amount of your audience will be using phone to access your if your website is not working fine in the mobile view then your bounce rate will increase.basically bounce rate is how much time a person spends on your bounce rate has to be i am going to install business demo.for install the demo just click on install then click on will do all the things we have to just wait once this progress bar still end.after install the demo just refresh your website and you will see something totally unexpected you can see the whole demo has been inserted on your website which is can customize everything as per can customize the logo, bio, contact information, social media basically you can customize each and everything from the panel setting.there was a theme panel setting if you can see there on the left if you want to customize anything you can just come back to your dashboard and under the newspaper section you will see the theme can edit each and everything from I guess you get a brief description about how you can use newspaper theme as per your basically that’s all for this blog.

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