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Samsung Galaxy M10 Full Review And Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M10 :

Samsung’s out for the fresh new series called the galaxy M series doubters and m20 and the m10.but this blog is going to focus on the galaxy m10.I have to say it actually feels pretty nice I mean for an entry-level smartphone it does feel quiet good and robust.You will get the microUSB cable for data syncing and charging you get a regular charger it’s not a fast charger and I guess that’s fine because you know in this price range it’s sort of difficult to expect that and ejection pin.there are no earphones and that’s fine because I think most people do have their own earphones and they like to use that.and it does feel really good in your hand the size it’s really comfortable very get the speaker grille on the bottom left corner and it is plastic at the back.but again it does not feel as cheap as you would think.the rounded edges do add an overall ergonomic feel it really sits very well in my palm and I do have small hands.but it’s still really comfortable to hold and yes being plastic it is going to attract finger prints as well as dust particles.but I guess that’s no reason to complain since glass does the same I would highly recommend that you do put on a plastic or a rubber case at the back just to protect it from Falls and smudges.and though I’m not 100% sure but I do know that charcoal black and denim blue are going to be two colors that are going to be available.the denim blue just looks really good it does have that denim feel in it and I think it’s a very subtle blue to carry.and going over some specs real quick you have a dual camera set up at the back where it’s a single LED do have the speaker grille again in the back.the battery in this is a 3400 milliampere are badly which is actually very good for this device.and octa-core processor clocked at 1.6 gigahertz and it does have 32 gigs of internal storage and 3 gigs of RAM.the front of the galaxy m10 is probably one of the biggest changes that any Samsung Galaxy phones have’s now an infinity V displays you do get the notch at the top which means you do get more screen to body ratio just an immersive viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy M10 specifications:

OS: Android 8.1.0 Oreo
External memory: Yes, microSD up to 512 GB
Battery: 3,400 non-removable
Dual SIM: Yes
Dual VoLTE: Yes
Processor: Octa-core 1.6 GHz
Camera: 13 MP, f/1.9 + Ultra wide lens, Single LED flash
Memory: 16 GB/32 GB
Screen resolution: 720 x 1080 pixels
Video: [email protected]
Front camera: 8 MP, f/1.9, 1080p, No LED flash
Weight: 163 gms
Display: 6.2 inches, TFT
Charging port: microUSB, no fast charging
Bluetooth: Yes
Fingerprint: No
Body design: Unibody, plastic back
Samsung Pay: No
Bixby: No

so just more screen what you’d also notice is that the glass is slightly raised so that’s a pretty prominent feature and this is not Corning Gorilla Glass protected this is actually asahi you know that’s also pretty tough though I am not sure about how scratch resistant that would be.and the phone has a 3400 milliampere hour battery which does add to a little bulk on the device.but that’s actually pretty good it works in favor of this entire unit and it really feels pretty good and even for single-handed use.despite being a 6.2 inch display it’s pretty comfortable to hold in your hand and of course you still get the favorite earphone jack so you can plug in your favorite earphones or headphones.and you do get a micro USB port for our data syncing and charging types I would have been preferred but that’s alright.the galaxy m10 does support dual SIM with dual volte and a micro SD card slot so you can put in a 512 gigabyte micro sd card to save all your videos, photos, movies and TV shows and even music.ok moving on the galaxy m10 runs Android 8.1 Oreo with Samsung experience version 9.5 .now it is a little upsetting to see that new phones are not coming up with Android 9 and the new Samsung 1 UI.but Samsung has done some attempts to make this as easy to use and intuitive to use with the experience version 9.5 .the good news is the Android Pi update will come in August.the lockscreen does feature something new it’s called lockscreen stories.basically every time you turn the lock screen off and on it’s a new wallpaper and some of this content is actually curated or even you know if you were to swipe down you can see that it’s an actual story and you could you know engage in this there are some videos that you could watch and yeah there’s also some advertised decide whether you want to see this content or not you can completely remove it and you could also in fact go into settings and choose categories that you want images from so it’s completely up to you.and under your control and of course while the phone is completely Wi-Fi compatible it does not support the 5 gigahertz bandwidth so just for techies out there a tip now.all your notifications are clubbed as icons on the lock screen you can just tap on it and you can see all of them or you could just go into and change that to look like complete notifications.also there aren’t too many pillows and apps which is great it keeps your phone light and Swift so you get maximum storage for whatever you want to put on the phone.and of course there are a couple of personalization and customization options you could go and browse through multiple that your phone could look new every day with new colors.there are also a few advanced features that you could enable for yourself like direct share and easy mute and my favorite being that you could go into the navigation bar settings and change it to navigation you know a simple swipe can take you back to the home screen or for your recent apps.and to my surprise Dolby Atmos feature is built into the phone and that truly changes the way you experience movies and music on your plugged in earphones.there is just no way I can explain the difference to you and you must try it out for yourself but it’s an amazing sound experience and you must try it out.

Galaxy M10 display :

it’s a 6.2 inch TFT display with HD plus if you’re looking for a really sharp resolution I would suggest you go for the m20 instead of the m10.but you know from a size color and display point of view no of course you do get a notch at the top which just increases the screen real estate and you get a more immersive yeah you know at a general level I think the display is quiet nice you know whether you’re into watching shows and Amazon Prime Netflix are you YouTube a lot it’s going to do the job pretty well.and you know yeah the only point being the resolution is not that high and if you’re looking for that the galaxy m20 is your choice.and why the device is not feature fingerprint unlocking there is face unlock if you want to use it.

Performance Of The Galaxy M10 :

so this device feature is a 1.6 gigahertz octa-core’s the Samsung Exynos 7870 with 3 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of internal for an entry-level smartphone I think that’s just about can’t really expect a power horse you know at an entry-level price point.and I did try playing on some high-definition games just so you know we can try it out and i see the performance is like and my observations during all of this has been that the load times has been significantly you know whether it’s the asphalt 9 whether it’s buggy the loading time is going to be high.and that’s alright considering this is a entry-level smartphone and it is going to not feature one of those high-end processors.and you know the latest Ram with six gigs of RAM or eight gigs of RAM that’s gonna help you load it faster.but that being said when I was actually playing the game I did not really experience any issues especially with the asphalt 9.I think it also has to do with the fact the way as asphalt 9 optimizes itself for you know entry-level you still get like smooth graphics no frame lag or no kind of frame’s really quite nice and as i can see I’m not having any issues but of course it’s the screen resolution which is not fhd you know the graphics are not going to be as crisp and as good as you would expect them to be.and then I started playing chameleon run it’s one of those games that’s really resource intensive and that was a little i can see here it’s not as smooth right there is some sort of lag that I can experience.and again guys chameleon run it does give some phones or run forest resources and that’s exactly what is doing here so for an entry-level smartphone to be just able to play.I don’t think it’s a bad thing but yeah definitely not the experience that you’re going to be getting on this phone with games like these.

Playing Pubg Mobile On Samsung Galaxy M10 :

I tried playing pubg mobile.the game automatically defaulted itself to low graphics and that’s probably the best optimised setting for you to play on the galaxy m10.if you want to play pubg.the gameplay was definitely know of course you’re not gonna get all those shadows that you know high-end graphics and very high frame rates.but if you really need to play the game you’ll be able to play it non-stop without any heating issues without any massive battery drainage it’s just gonna do well it’s smooth.and yeah no issues really but it’s just that the graphic quality is not going to be as high.but you know other than that the regular activities that you do on your phone like making phone calls emailing watching YouTube videos browsing the internet reading articles all of that is going to happen without any issues.the phone’s totally capable of handling all of that.and yeah you’re not gonna have any stuttering issues or any sort of lag.

Galaxy M10 camera :

there’s a dual camera setup at Odeon megapixel F/1.9 camera and an ultra-wide length with a field of view of 120 got a single LED flash as well.i take some sample shots that I took during the day as well as some during the I did not do an in-depth review of the camera but here’s to give you some idea I would be doing some more research on how the camera performs.but overall I think for its price point it does a pretty decent job.I’ve just put some photos from my phone to my computer and I’ve just pasted them here no effects whatsoever of course the low-light photography is not that great on this phone.and you can’t really blame the lenses here for the price point.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Camera Interface :

let’s talk about the camera interface real’s not very different from any other Samsung get all your modes on the top so you can switch between life acoustic or is continuous panorama pro mode all of that and at the bottom you get some more you could go into advanced settings your filters and switch to go to ultra wide view and go back to normal can really get creative with the ultra wide lens that is there in it.I mean i just look at one picture and then i look at other one it’s just wider it just gives you that breadth of landscape that you’re trying to capture.I said you can get really creative and things can get really interesting with the ultra wide lens.also there are a couple of settings that you could play with so you can change the photo resolution the video resolution at the phone does support Full HD video recording both from the front as well as the rear camera.but it does not support 60fps video recording and that’s fine you know given the processor is not that will anyway not be able to support 60fps video recording and yes again the front being pretty good camera.I think you’re gonna have a very good time with your Skype video calls and what’s up videos.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy M10 got a 3400 milliampere hour battery.that’s actually massive for a device like this.Galaxy M10 got an HD plus resolution and that just means that it’s not going to consume and suck up your battery too much.which means you have a lot more battery left for a lot of things that you might want to can easily go for the entire day starting right from 8 a.m. in the morning to midnight the same day.I mean if you’re a medium user it might even go for a day and a half as well.overall I think the Galaxy m10 is a wonderful entry-level smartphone especially given the price point.I mean it’s an interesting twist at Samsung’s introduced into the smartphone market and it’s sure to make some buzz and news.the notch display looks really good it’s got the bezel-less design the battery life is amazing and I think the camera is just about alright.of course the sharpness of the display and the performance is not on the higher side but that’s again alright given the price bracket.I think it does hold up pretty well.

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