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Samsung Galaxy M11 Gaming Review

Samsung Galaxy M11 :

Galaxy M11 Gaming Review :

Samsung Galaxy M11 is recently in all this built by Samsung and in this blog i am going to talk about the gaming of the smartphone how good it is starting for the gaming and the score which is coming around 83667 .the model number is galaxy m11 and it is loaded with 3gb RAM 32 GB internal storage.there will be another variant which will become 4 GB of RAM 64 GB internal is running on Snapdragon quad-core which is are octa-core is a HD display 6.4 inch HD Plus display which is the LCD TFT screen.if we talk about the Android version it is running on Android is also 1 UI 2.0 which is the latest UI by has a triple camera set up at the back which is 13 plus 5 plus 2 .where is the 2 megapixel is the depth sensor 5 megapixel is the wide-angle sensor and 13 megapixel is the primary sensor.the front we have a 8 megapixel camera.if we talk about the battery it comes with the 5000 mah battery 15 watt fast charging support.if we talk about the sensors what are present here i can see a lot of sensor has been skipped by Samsung.keeping the sensors as the price point of the device is 11 thousand and thirteen this is not a gaming smartphone you can’t compare with the a31 or m-21 series.those are little bit expensive smartphone so definitely they can have those sensors.if we talk about the geekbenchmark score you can see the geek benchmark score for single core is 701 .if you talk about the multi-core it is coming around 3530 .coming to one more thing the battery percentage in my phone i can see it is 96% and it is 17:32 means 5:32 is the time before playing the I’m telling you just because we will play the game for next half an hour and we will try and play four games including Pubg Mobile, Free Fire, Asphalt 9 and also Call of duty.and right now in my mobile the temperature of the screen it is coming out 36 degree in the middle it is some 35 degree in the bottom it is less than 39 degree Celsius.if we go to the back side of the device it is coming around 37 degree in the top in the middle part it is coming around 36 degree in the bottom it is coming less than 36.5 now we will start playing the game.first I will start with the Pubg Mobile and definitely as i can see the device is very big it has a very s2s display.if we talk about the speaker it has a mono speaker but it supports Dolby if you talk about the Dolby Atmos audio it will be compatible only if you are attaching an earphone or headphone with the coming to the graphic support what the device is often.let’s check that also at the same now going to the graphics support let’s go first.we’re going to settings and in settings we will go to the graphics and here i can see the graphic support and smooth it both maximum too high and if we go to HD it doesn’t have any energy support but excellent balance more and the frame rate will be I will start with the graphic support of smooth and 200 high pass and then I will change and shuffle while in between while playing the currently I am just downloading few maps once it is done i will start the gameplay.definitely I am satisfied with the audio of the is not too loud definitely but it is the same time the display is good it has a HD display HD+ display but the use screen helps comes with the game has all the multiple games what we have installed it you can go there check it out even how much data you have consumed for each i will play the COD and see how the Samsung Galaxy M11 will handle the game.after playing COD now i will switch to asphalt 9 and see how good it can handle.that also in Snapdragon a poor 50 let me also tell you this is a 3gb 32gb variant on the 4 GB 64gb.after asphalt 9 the last game which is a Free Fire and here I have already put the graphics support up to very high graphics support and polls for the brightness let’s start the game and see how Samsung Galaxy m11 handles the Free Fire we have played the game nearly 30 minutes we started at 5:30 – now it is 6:08 and it was 96% when we started.right now it is 88% which is definitely not bad only 8% better drop is has a five thousand mah battery let me remind you once again we talked about the temperature in the top right panel it is coming in 43 degree in the middle it is coming around 40 degree and the bottom part in the front it is coming in 44 degree.if we go to the top part from the back it is 45 and the middle it is 41 and in the bottom it is coming around 40 degrees this is all about the in-depth gaming review of Samsung Galaxy M11.

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